Cap City Kids & Youth

We believe that church should be accessible and engaging for everyone … but we have a special soft spot for our kids and youth at Cap City! 

We aim to create environments where our youngest family members feel safe, welcomed and highly valued whenever they step through the door. We know how important it is for you as parents/guardians, to know and trust the people looking after and teaching your kids each week.

Sophie Moreno our Family Ministries Coordinator leads an amazing team of highly trained and DBS checked kids workers at Cap City. The team are extremely passionate about enabling each and every child to learn more about God. They are enthusiastic, friendly and entertaining volunteers who give up their Sundays to nurture faith in our children. We love our Kid’s Church team!

Ages, and where to go?

Under 2 Year: Children stay in the main hall with their parents/guardians. 
There is a space in the main hall with some toys for parents/guardians to take their children during the service if they would like to. This enables the parents/guardians to be able to enjoy the service while their child plays. Please note this space is not monitored by the Cap City Kids Team and that parents/guardians  are responsible for their own children.

2-4 Years:  Children will join the Cap City Kids Team in the Cafe. There is a Kids worker designated to looking after the younger children, they will be able to join in as much as the main session as they would like, but there will also be other toys available for them to play with if they would rather.

5-10 Years: Children will join the Cap City Kids Team in the Studio room for a fun session full of worship, crafts, bible stories and games!

11+ Years: Children will join the Cap City Youth Team in the Café. Please see details on our youth below.


what happens at cap city kids?

Every Sunday we have the amazing opportunity of worshipping with our kids in the main meeting. We believe one of the best ways to help young children understand why and how we worship is for them to see it modelled by those around them, especially their parents/guardians! We usually sing two songs to start our Sunday meetings (about 15-20 minutes) and then we invite our parents/guardians  to sign their children into Kids Church.

We take safety very seriously at Cap City, so we ask that you supervise your children to their classroom, where one of the team will sign them in. You will be given a number card to keep with you during the morning, which you will then use to collect your children when the meeting finishes. We will only release your children to the person holding that card.

Once they’re signed in you can return to the meeting while your kids have a blast with their teachers in their own room!

what are they learning?

Our Cap City Kid’s team use various curriculum to journey through the Bible in a fun and accessible, kid friendly way. They start off by having their own small time of sung worship with songs that the kids love to sing and dance to while learning who God is and who He has made them to be. They then have a catch up about their week and lead into the topic for that session. They read from a children’s bible, play games and make crafts to help bring to life the story that they are hearing, and to help them understand that we can learn about God in so many different and creative ways.

We then quieten things down and give the kids the opportunity to have a drink and a snack and recap over what we have learnt. The Cap City Kid’s team will accommodate for food allergies so please advise at the start of the session if your child has any dietary requirements. They usually have water, a biscuit, some raisons or fruit. Sometimes as part of our session we will give the children an opportunity to make or decorate food items, so again please let us know of any allergies so we can accommodate your child. 

After snack time, it is normally then time to release them back into your care. They are usually in Kid’s Church for about an hour.


Cap City Youth

At Cap City’s Youth ministry, we want to instil in our youth the belief that God can use them no matter their age, no matter their circumstance. We give our youth opportunities to grow in their gifts whether that’s speaking, hosting, leading in worship or simply setting up on a Sunday morning. 


What you can expect at our youth meets

We Share
We encourage one another to share our faith with friends and family; building up courage to be firm in our faith.

We Pray
We pray for each other, for God to intervene in any challenges and thanking Him for what we have already.

We Ask
We create a safe place to ask questions, to share doubts or fears. Our aim is to grow in our faith together.

We Serve
We believe we are called to be servant-hearted, like Jesus. We love to serve our church any small way we can, but also our community.

To the best of our ability, we want to help our young ones grow to the people Christ has called them to be. So, we explore ways in which we can share our faith with our family and friends, we allow space for the difficult questions, we pray for God to intervene in whatever challenging situations arise and we take opportunities to serve our church and those around us, in love.

Our ministry ages are 11 – 16 years old; 16 – 18 years old. Both groups meet every Sunday between 11.30 a.m. – 12.15 p.m. 


The most important things … Contact, Safety, Care and Supervision

Child information forms – We want you to know how important we think your child is. As well as being safe, and filling out forms for information purposes we value knowing as much about them as possible. We want to ensure their time with us is a comfortable and joyful experience. When you join us at Cap City one of the team members will ask you to complete a child information form. We ask for some of your contact details, so we can follow up with any necessary information if needed, as well as some information about your child. Please do feel free to let us know if your child has any additional needs or if you feel it’s important to let us know if they are fostered or adopted. We have a highly experienced team with children in the foster system, as well as those who have been adopted. If we can make your experience of kids church as easy and as enjoyable as possible, we will!

Safety – We always have at least two DBS checked and safe guarding trained team members in the kid’s room at all times. We do not leave one adult on their own with our young children. That’s to ensure both your child’s safety and the safety of the adult too. We have a Child Protection and Safe Guarding policy, should you wish to see it please speak to  Sophie Moreno who is our Safe Guarding Officer at Cap City.

Toilet runs and additional care – We have an additional team member either in the room, in the corridor or in the church meeting room itself who will assist with any toilet breaks. We allow the children to go into the single bathroom by themselves. Both adults are there to assist if necessary, but we find most of our kids are very capable and happy to take themselves to the toilet. Should your child have an ‘accident’ or need any further assistance in this area, or if your child is in nappies and is in need of being changed  we will come and let you know. 

Supervision before and after Kid’s Church – We want your whole family to feel welcomed and looked after during your time at Cap City, but we do need some assistance when it comes to keeping our children safe and supervised throughout our time at church. For this reason we ask that you keep an eye on your own children before and after Kid’s Church. We will take full responsibility for the time we are supervising your children during their time in Kid’s Church, but we hand that responsibility back to you when you come to collect them.  

We hope the above information helps to explain who we are, what we do and how valuable we think your children are! If you have any further questions, or you would like to see a copy of our policies, please contact Sophie Moreno on

We look forward to seeing you and welcoming your child to Cap City Kids & Youth soon!