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Why Pray?

American author and speaker Mark Batterson once shared that as passionate followers of Jesus we need to learn how to 'Dream BIG, pray hard, and think long' when it comes to building God's Kingdom. 

We need to DREAM BIG - We do this by gathering together, sharing vision and inspiring one another with stories of faith and expectation.

We need to PRAY HARD - We recognise that God acts in response to our prayers. That these prayers are vital to the implementation of those BIG DREAMS.

and we need to THINK LONG - We know consistency and persistence is the key to seeing dreams and visions come to pass. We're in this for the long game.

At Cap City we take this mission seriously. We highly value prayer. We are 'all in' when it comes to building God's Kingdom here in Cardiff. We back those beliefs up by prioritising prayer in every gathering throughout the week, as well as holding specific prayer meetings once a month. 

We would love for you to join us! 

Second Tues of every month | 7:45 - 9pm

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Propel Women


What Is Propel?

Something incredible happens when women live together in unity and harmony with one another. It becomes a powerhouse for exploration and growth - it enables us to thrive in the busy world around us! Propel is all about learning how to be passionate followers of Jesus, discovering who we are and the gifts and calling on our lives, and being a supportive, safe space for deeper friendships to form. 

What can I expect?

We're real, we're honest and we're committed to encountering more of what God has for us, whatever that looks like - whether that's in our careers, vocations or ministries. We champion one another forward. We drink tea (or coffee), eat treats (or fruit - sometimes!), chat about what's been and delve into what's coming. We're there for each other in prayer, we hang out, we do life together!

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Lounge Social

At CapCity we value hanging out with one another, but we also recognise that life is busy and sometimes we need some “organised fun” to help us to see one another. With this is mind, our small groups like to mix it up to meet outside of the scheduled hours.

Every now and again a group of us will meet for food or drinks.

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